Days 8-9 Weather – Friends – Pictionary

Photo of the game Pictionary
Played this for the first time last night

Today is January 1oth. The last two days has been spent with my friends here in Lubbock TX and I’ve been keeping a close eye on the weather.

The flea market I’d like to setup at this weekend has both indoor and outdoor spaces. This past weekend when it was a bit chilly and windy I didn’t do well. When it warmed up I did good. I sell a lot of rings and when it’s cool trying them on a cold finger is hard on the customer. This weekend it is suppose to be in the low 50’s with a light breeze here in Lubbock.

I’ll be going to the market and checking it out today. I have to see what kind of space I can get. I will then make a decision if I’m going to set up at all this weekend then. The cooler temperatures may keep the foot traffic away. I can’t justify paying for space rental if there will be a low turn out. One never knows. I may try Saturday and wait to decide on Sunday.

I had considered leaving for Phoenix and setting up at a market there this coming weekend because it is suppose to be in the high 60’s and dry. My friends may need help here Friday morning. I feel I can’t leave them early to go to Phoenix. I offered to be here just in case. Friendship is more important then making a few extra dollars.

Last night we played the game Pictionary. None of us had played it before. I read the instructions in English into a app and it repeated it in Portuguese, their native language. We had  a very fun time working through the communications and trying to guess what the others were drawing. Luckily the mother/aunt of the two children knows some basic English and translation so the app wasn’t need as much once we started.

The youngest of the two children has moved here to the states to be close his Mom. The niece is returning to Brazil next month to complete summer vacation before beginning college.

Good friends are hard to find these days. I have been very lucky in meeting this couple and maintaining our friendship over the phone, Internet and occasional visits when I drove semi and he was still over the road and came through Ohio.

Time to get ready to go check out the National Market here in Lubbock.

Until next time, be safe.

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