Day 6- Second day-Trader’s Village-left for Lubbock TX

Today is January 7th. Yesterday was my second day at Traders Village in Grand Prairie TX. The map above is a partial map of Trader’s Village. I was in space 1886 on the top right hand side under a covering.

I slept past my alarm clock and woke at 7:45. I thought for sure the I’d be running late. What I found is that only 10% of the dealers from the day before were here yet.

I climbed out of the Trailblazer and made a bee line for the restroom. Once I got myself  cleaned up and combed my hair I went and set up. I was done as more dealers were still coming in. I out the coffee pot and made a half of pot. That sure was good. The dealer that was next to me showed up just before 10am.

He told me it was going to be a good day and it was. I covered the cost of my space rental for the week and most of the cost of the display case and pegboard I bought on Friday. I didn’t get into this to make a lot of money. I want to make enough to cover expenses, increase my display’s and get a covering for out door flea markets by the end on this month. The cost of gas and most food is what it would cost to have an apartment some where.

I also hope to add to my camping gear over the next few months. I have a small 2 man tent and air mattress given to my by my daughter Stacey. I still have a laundry list of things to get over the next few months. I have to rough it a little to make it all work out.

I was packed and ready to leave Trader’s Village by 6pm. I was able to get everything inside the trailblazer and not have to tie tables on top as I did coming down from Ohio. Only problem is there isn’t any room in the back to sleep.

I drove about 230 miles toward Lubbock, TX to my friends place. I found a nice little truck stop and parked there for the night. I was able to recline the back of the chair and I then cover the front windows. I found sleeping in the front seat was more comfortable then the two nights I had slept in the back while at Traders Village.

That’s all for now as I’ll be writing some more later today. Until later be safe.


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