Day 5 – First day – Traders Village

Today is January 6th. Yesterday was my first day set up at Traders Village in Grand Prairie TX. Foot traffic wasn’t lower then anticipated by dealers and market estimates. I did well but a far ways from making a profit. When I first decided to work my way across country doing flea markets my goal was to cover expenses with the occasional profitable days.

I’m on social security disability and until recently wasn’t allowed to make any extra income.  I’m now allowed to make a little over $800 a month before it affects my benefits. Even with great improvement in health I still suffer several areas of pain. Here at the market I can setup and pack up at a pace that I can handle.

My main goal is to get to the southeastern united states where it is dry and warm. I have a low level of toxic mold in my body. The best way to detox is to be in dry climate 6-9 months.

Yesterday afternoon a friend from grade school came by and brought Homemade Lasagna dinner with salad and fresh home bread. We joked around how it raised my carbs count. I’ve been doing Keto diet almost 8 months.

Last night I retired into my Trailblazer early and was able too get a much needed rest.

Until tomorrow, be safe!

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