Day 4-Arrival, shopping-planet fitness

Home Depot-Grand Prairie TX

Today is January 5th, yesterday I arrived in Grand Prairie TX. I found Trader’s Village, it wasn’t hard to miss as it takes up square miles of space. It’s huge! I picked up receipt and went to my space. I unloaded all of the flea market stuff. I found it left ample room so I could sleep in the Trailblazer at night. I can’t afford motel rooms. Finances are extremely tight and I’m hoping to make up some of the road expenses at the market today.

I left the market and went to Kohl’s. I’m fortunate tio have a store charge card there. When I was hurt in April 2013 I lost most of my credit in the first few months. I was in need of some new shorts, pants and shoes. I bought 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pants and 1 pair of shoes. I went from size 42(very tight at one time) down to a comfortable size 38 in the past 7 1/2 months, Total weight lose of over 45 Lbs. Still working on losing another 35 to get to 175.

When I left Kohl’s I went to Planet Fitness here in Grand Prairie. The staff at the counter, Miriam and Noah were very helpful and quick to get to customers. This particular Planet fitness appears to be very busy compared to others I’d been to. I took a much needed shower and headed to the massage table and hydro massage bed. I felt pampered by the time I was done there.

Home depot was just around the corner and I need to stop for plexiglass and material. I want to make a pegboard stand and some kind of covering for the rings I’ll be selling at the market today.

I left Home depot and went and found a safe spot to park and sleep for the night. It’s already 6:30am and I need to get to the market to set up.

Until tomorrow be safe.




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