Day 2 and 3 – Family and Long Drive

The days have blended together. Today is January 4, 2019. Keeping this short today.

On Wednesday the 2nd I stayed in Columbus,It was one day longer than I had planned. It was spent with the family and we finished the day with a pizza party.

Thursday the 3rd. I meet up with my sons Cameron and David, David’s better half, Brittany, and my grandson’s Krystofer and Jacob. I was treated to breakfast by David.I said my final goodbyes, went to the grocery store and filled the gas tank.  There I saw my son Cameron and daughter Brittany. Said good byes once again and hit the road bound for Grand Prairie TX and a long drive.

Family is very important to me. It was a hard decision to go on the road and be so far away from them. This past September I discovered I have a toxic level of mold in my body. The best way to detox is to get to dry climate for 6-9 months. Thus the reason I’m going to the southwestern United States. I’ll write more on this in the coming weeks. Having stayed an extra day with family was needed. I wish it could have been longer.

I called Traders Village in Grand Prairie and reserved a space. They advised me that it would be best if I was able to pick up my receipt by 5:00pm Friday. To make it by 5pm I’d have to travel 1000 miles in 28 hours, No problem, I let my skills as a former truck driver kick in. I checked Gas-buddy for cheapest gas along the route to Grand Prairie, TX

At the end of the long drive I had stopped a total of 4 times, 3 for gas and one was to check Gas Buddy again. I made awesome time not stopping much, I drove an average of 250 miles each leg of the journey. The last leg was through Arkansas. I hit the storm and drove through it like it wasn’t there. Is it possible I missed driving the past 5 years since I was put on disability?

I’m near Leary TX at a Love’s Truck stop enjoying a senior cup of coffee at McDonald’s as I write this. This is a nice truck stop. It’s well maintained and has all he amenities one needs while on the road.

I’m going to finish the trip to Grand Prairie, pick up my receipt, head to the hardware store for plexiglass and 2×2 to make make shift display case for the rings I sell and maybe make up a standing peg board. All depends on how much I have to spend to make both happen. I also need to find a Kohl’s and get some new pants. All I own are falling off me. I’ll write soon on how my diet has gone and what I’m going to do while on the road to keep the weight down. I’m down below 210 now. I lost 45 lbs in 7 1/2 months and feeling great.

Until the next time, be safe.

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