Day 16 – Flying J Travel Centers – Denny’s

Flying J Ariel View
Arial view of Flying J W Latham St Phoenix AZ

Today is January 17th. This is the second day in a row I’ve woke up having spent the night in the parking lot of a Flying J Travel Center with a Denny’s. When I was a professional truck driver I planned my routes so I could stay at a Flying J Travel Center with a Denny’s. When on a haul from Columbus Ohio to Phoenix I could make them my stop 3 nights in a row. They were spaced out in such a way I could get near maximum miles on the log books and still be legal. There is usually plenty of parking for trucks, RV’s and cars.

Yesterday I stay at a Flying J Travel Centers with a Denny’s at the New Mexico – Arizona line on I-10.  Like this morning I went inside the truck stop men’s room freshen up and then found a seat near power outlet so I could charge and blog at the same time. This morning I seated myself. The waitress mentioned the counter but I sat at a table near a power outlet. She was done with her shift. Very soon afterwards I was greeted by my Waiter.

Ruben brought a menu and politely said, “This section isn’t open yet but I’ll let you sit here anyway.” Wait staff like Ruben is the reason I use the restaurant at Flying J Travel Centers with Denny’s. With well over 100 visits over the years at a Flying J Travel Centers with a Denny’s I’ve never experienced a rude wait staff. This is a reflection of management from top to bottom. Insuring the employees treat all guest with utmost respect. I can tell you with out a doubt I have looked rough many times after a long day be hind the wheel.

That’s all for now. Until next time, be safe!


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