Day 15 -Friendships are awesome -Changes

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Today is the 16th. We’re half way through the month of January. The most important think I learned so far this trip is friendships are awesome. Social media has made it possible to rekindle and maintain Friendships that we would otherwise wouldn’t have.

There are many others I have called friends over the years. Many of those friendships are in need on being rekindled. Several of those are friends don’t like to talk on the phone or write letters. I had the opportunity before I left Ohio to visit a few of those friends. I regret not doing so. A few others are along the I-70 interstate corridor. I choose to drop south and cross on the country on I-30/I-20 and  I-10 with a detour up to Lubbock TX. Much warmer in January then along I-70.

I’m going to try to make the return trip to Ohio across I-70. There are several friendships that need rekindled and talking on the phone isn’t the best method.

I’ll be making some changes here on Dapadoo over the next few weeks. I should have more down time then I have had the first half of this month. I’ve always wanted to try writing a blog. Doing it is much harder then it sounds. Each day I remember to add or do some of the behind the scene things like SEO. I still have to set up a reviews page.  I want to write on the first two flea markets I’ve set up at.

I hope to be adding some reading material staring yet this week. I have a large library of guides, eBooks and articles I  purchased full rights to publish starting 2004 as an investment for use at a later date. I didn’t think it would be this late. I’ve said to others many times I have a Gold mine sitting on my hard drive. SI should say hard drives as I have all of it backed up several times. The other day I spent 7-8 hours transferring files around to make it easier for me to work while on the road.

I’m getting ready to go visit another friend this morning. I’m 31 miles away from my destination. I’ve been told I have a Keto meal awaiting me. Friendships are Awesome!

Until later, be safe!


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