Day 10 Prepping for this weekend

Map of where I set up this weekend
Map of where I set up this weekend

Today is January 10th. Yesterday I visited with Kirk, manager of the National Flea Market Lubbock. He showed me around the market and what indoor spaces were available this weekend. The National Flea Market Lubbock had been run down by the previous ownership.

Kirk explained to me how tenants were allowed to do as they pleased with there spaces as the previous ownership didn’t do much to keep any uniformity. Since the takeover of the National Flea Market Lubbock changes have been being made slowly to get more uniformity.  Many of the spaces are still as they were when tenants were allowed to build them up as they wanted. In order to keep peace and harmony at the market long time tenants have been allowed to keep there space as the have been for years.

I selected a space to rent for the weekend in the building called the barn. The floors of each row are painted different colors. I will be located on Green St as the image above suggest.

I will have helpers this weekend. My host family’s son and niece will be working with me and no doubt be wondering around the market. We will need to make sure our phones have a good charge because we will all need to use Google translator app throughout the day. Neither of the two speak English, the speak Portuguese. I’ve been told the National Flea Market Lubbock has been called the Mexican market in the past. I’ve also been told the majority of the Mexicans here in Lubbock are 2nd and 3rd generations whose parents didn’t allow them to speak Spanish at home. I hope this is the case so I can communicate with the majority of the customers.

Kirk told me he expects about 2000 people both days this weekend because it is mostly indoors. The National Flea Market  is located near Texas Tech University. Kirk has been trying to lure those that attend back to the market now it has been slowly getting a face lift. I wish him well. I can see that sometime in the future I’ll be coming back again. As of today I only plan this weekend here. Plans could change as my host family is needing some assistance with a few things.

That’s all for now. More preparation is needed for this weekend. Be safe!



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