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Days 11-14 The Market-Last night in Lubbock TX

My space at market in Lubbock TX
My space at market in Lubbock TX

Today is January 15th. For those of you following me I didn’t post the past 4 days while still here in Lubbock TX. I spent Friday preparing for the Market and checking out Lubbock TX. On Saturday and Sunday I was set up as a Vendor at the National Flea Market Lubbock TX.

The picture above is the space I was set up at inside the Market here in Lubbock TX. I will be writing a review of each of the Markets I’ve set up at and will be in the future.

This week with friends has been needed for some time. We have talked about me coming and staying for a week or so for the past 2 years. It finally happen. Even though my friend wasn’t here and it was his wife, son and niece we still spoke on the phone several times a day and face timed.

Yesterday, Monday the 14th I was going to write a review of the National Flea Market Lubbock TX but I stayed extremely busy. I spent the day repacking my Trailblazer, moving files from my backup storage for my main computer stored in the trailblazer to my laptop, laundry and a birthday celebration for my host family niece who turned 18.

She will be returning to Brazil to start college next month. She has aspirations to be an Attorney. Technically her birthday is today the 15th. But at 8pm here in Lubbock TX it was midnight in here home country of Brazil. So we had a impromptu party for her consisting of a cheese, meat and cracker plate, spinach dip, a birthday cake and a bottle of Vermouth.

I will be leaving Lubbock TX within the next hour or so. I have lunch planned with a friend in Midland TX. I hope he doesn’t mind it being a late lunch.

Until later, be safe!



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Day 10 Prepping for this weekend

Map of where I set up this weekend
Map of where I set up this weekend

Today is January 10th. Yesterday I visited with Kirk, manager of the National Flea Market Lubbock. He showed me around the market and what indoor spaces were available this weekend. The National Flea Market Lubbock had been run down by the previous ownership.

Kirk explained to me how tenants were allowed to do as they pleased with there spaces as the previous ownership didn’t do much to keep any uniformity. Since the takeover of the National Flea Market Lubbock changes have been being made slowly to get more uniformity.  Many of the spaces are still as they were when tenants were allowed to build them up as they wanted. In order to keep peace and harmony at the market long time tenants have been allowed to keep there space as the have been for years.

I selected a space to rent for the weekend in the building called the barn. The floors of each row are painted different colors. I will be located on Green St as the image above suggest.

I will have helpers this weekend. My host family’s son and niece will be working with me and no doubt be wondering around the market. We will need to make sure our phones have a good charge because we will all need to use Google translator app throughout the day. Neither of the two speak English, the speak Portuguese. I’ve been told the National Flea Market Lubbock has been called the Mexican market in the past. I’ve also been told the majority of the Mexicans here in Lubbock are 2nd and 3rd generations whose parents didn’t allow them to speak Spanish at home. I hope this is the case so I can communicate with the majority of the customers.

Kirk told me he expects about 2000 people both days this weekend because it is mostly indoors. The National Flea Market  is located near Texas Tech University. Kirk has been trying to lure those that attend back to the market now it has been slowly getting a face lift. I wish him well. I can see that sometime in the future I’ll be coming back again. As of today I only plan this weekend here. Plans could change as my host family is needing some assistance with a few things.

That’s all for now. More preparation is needed for this weekend. Be safe!



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Day 7 – Friends -National Flea Market Lubbock

Today is January 8th. I am writing summaries of the previous day. I’ll be spending a week with friends and preparing to set up at the National Flea Market  Lubbock this coming weekend on the 12th and 13th.

Yesterday I arrived in Lubbock TX about 10am. I couldn’t reach my friends who are hosting me this week by phone or text. I had been given an address just in case this was to happen. I knocked on the door and greeted by my friend Elaine. She introduced me to her niece and Son who had both just arrived here in the U.S on Christmas eve.

The family is from Brazil. Zeno, husband has been in the states for 35 years and is naturalized having full rights as a U.S. citizen. We had meet about 7 -8 years ago when I was driving semi over the road. He meet his wife on a trip to Brazil just before we had meet. She came to the states for a couple visits before they married. It was on one of those visits I first meet Elaine. Over the years I helped her on a few occasions with her English.  While she speaks broken English we can communicate. The children know very little English and we communicate through apps on our phones. We speak into the app and it translate to either English of Portuguese and relays by voice. I wish I knew about this app long before now. I could’ve used it at the flea market in Grand Prairie this past weekend. I’ll definitely use it at National Flea Market Lubbock

The rest of the day was spent chatting, catching up on laundry, relaxing, paying some bills online  and eating very good food.

Today I already started some changes here on I’ll continue to do more on the site and then the kids and I are going to go through some of the product we will be selling at the National Flea Market Lubbock this weekend. It should get quite interesting.

Until later, be safe



Day One- A New Blog

A new blog.

Today is January 2, 2019. I’ve started a new journey. I left my apartment of nearly 5 years New Years Eve and hitting the road .  I’ll be traveling across this great nation of ours blogging about my Journey and other topics near and dear to me.

Each day I intend to post a summary of the previous day. I’ll also do post about some of my stops along the routes I’ll be traveling . Having crisscrossed across and up and down the Interstate system in a semi over a million miles I saw many places I wanted to visit. Time constraints or the size of the semi prevented it.

Side note: I am not nor do I claim to be a professional writer. If you find mistakes please ignore them unless you would like to become my personal editor. There would be no pay, I’m a difficult person to work with and you have to be able to edit it on a minutes notice.  The positive would be I’d be very grateful for your help. If you exist please contact me. LOL

In addition to my travels some of the things I’ll be blogging about in real time and/or spare time:

Historical Sites
Flea Markets I’ll be setting up at
Eating on the road (low cost)
Keto diet (Saved my life)
Free or low cost camping alternatives
and much more.

Yesterday was spent resting up, getting a new hitch carrier assembled and put on my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer, watching Ohio Sate in the Rose bowl from the hospital I went to have a seriously pinched finger looked at and cleaned. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a Tetanus shot so I got one while there.

I was going to leave today for Grand Prairie TX where I’ll be setting up at Traders Flea Market this coming weekend on Saturday and Sunday. It’s about 1060 miles from where I’m at in Columbus Ohio.  If I left today I would only travel about 350 miles a day and had extra time for sightseeing. I decided to spend one more night here with family. We’re Having a Pizza party. I’ll have to travel 530 miles average on Thursday and Friday. It’s a little less then the 700 mile days I had driving semi on long hauls.

That’s it for today. Happy New Year’s everyone.