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Days 24-34 – Phoenix AZ – New Home

Phoenix AZ from the air
Phoenix AZ from the air
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Today is February 3rd. It has been 10 days since I last wrote on my blog. I left Las Vegas and came down to Phoenix. I came to Phoenix because the weather is warmer than Vegas. The daytime temps here in Phoenix have been high 60’s low 70’s since I arrived. The low temps have been mid 40’s to high 50’s.

I came to the southwest for dry climate. Some of you may know I found out 4 months ago I have a toxic level of mold in my body. The best way to detox is to move to dry climate. Phoenix has always been the top of my list of places to move. Once I got here several weeks ago I ventured west to Quartzsite AZ, then north to Vegas before returning here to Phoenix.

While still in Ohio doing my research I was able to see that I could find a room within my budget if I was patient enough. Until then I lived in my SUV and enjoyed some beautiful sunsets and sunrises during my travels. Phoenix area offers me many day trip  and weekend  destinations. I can continue to check out Free Camping and boon-docking. I did discover I am ill equipped to do long term boon-docking right now. The best route is a camper or motor home that is self-contained. Staying in a SUV works but not for long periods of time.

While here in Phoenix I searched for a room to rent. I found one on the far west side of Phoenix in Buckeye AZ. Much like my old place in Elyria Oh it is 20-30 miles from a big city with no public transportation to speak of.

The young man  that needed a roommate and I have some things in common. He is a disabled Veteran and a long haul truck driver. He sought someone like myself that would be near the home more regularly them himself to help keep an eye on things and assist him with getting mail and other details when he is away. It was a Win-Win roommate situation for us both. I really like not having anyone living above me or beside me like apartment living was. This is a beautiful home, I also have electric and Wi-Fi which was hard to get in the boondocks, lol.

In the future I won’t be moving around as much. I have plenty of other  things to blog about.

Until next time, be safe.



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