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Days 24-34 – Phoenix AZ – New Home

Phoenix AZ from the air
Phoenix AZ from the air
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Today is February 3rd. It has been 10 days since I last wrote on my blog. I left Las Vegas and came down to Phoenix. I came to Phoenix because the weather is warmer than Vegas. The daytime temps here in Phoenix have been high 60’s low 70’s since I arrived. The low temps have been mid 40’s to high 50’s.

I came to the southwest for dry climate. Some of you may know I found out 4 months ago I have a toxic level of mold in my body. The best way to detox is to move to dry climate. Phoenix has always been the top of my list of places to move. Once I got here several weeks ago I ventured west to Quartzsite AZ, then north to Vegas before returning here to Phoenix.

While still in Ohio doing my research I was able to see that I could find a room within my budget if I was patient enough. Until then I lived in my SUV and enjoyed some beautiful sunsets and sunrises during my travels. Phoenix area offers me many day trip  and weekend  destinations. I can continue to check out Free Camping and boon-docking. I did discover I am ill equipped to do long term boon-docking right now. The best route is a camper or motor home that is self-contained. Staying in a SUV works but not for long periods of time.

While here in Phoenix I searched for a room to rent. I found one on the far west side of Phoenix in Buckeye AZ. Much like my old place in Elyria Oh it is 20-30 miles from a big city with no public transportation to speak of.

The young man  that needed a roommate and I have some things in common. He is a disabled Veteran and a long haul truck driver. He sought someone like myself that would be near the home more regularly them himself to help keep an eye on things and assist him with getting mail and other details when he is away. It was a Win-Win roommate situation for us both. I really like not having anyone living above me or beside me like apartment living was. This is a beautiful home, I also have electric and Wi-Fi which was hard to get in the boondocks, lol.

In the future I won’t be moving around as much. I have plenty of other  things to blog about.

Until next time, be safe.



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Day 21-23 – Vegas – is it true?

Las Vegas welcome sign
Las Vegas welcome sign

What what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? My opinion is it isn’t true. Stories of vacationers visits to Vegas are told all the time. I arrived in Vegas on Monday afternoon January 21, 2019. I had a nice drive coming up from Quartzsite AZ having set up at a market there this past weekend. Most of it was during daylight. One would think being dessert it is flat. Far from it.

I’ve had a very interesting few days. I had made plans to stay with a friend the last week of this month. He told me he had a extra room I could crash in until I found other living arrangements. My income is very limited at the moment. I had hoped that setting up at flea markets as I came across country would help with the cost. Vegas was suppose to be the end destination if I didn’t stay on BLM land south of Quartzsite AZ for a few weeks. When I got her to Vegas I called my friend to discover he had rented the room out because he needed some cash right away. It definitely delivered a major blow to my plans.

The first night I stayed at Pilot truck stop. Because of the high rate of homelessness and transients here in Vegas the truck stop has a 4 hour maximum for parking even if you spend money there. Luckily when security came to check to see how long I had been there I still had 2 hours. I closed my eyes and woke 6 hours later feeling well rested. So much for policies in Vegas. What happens here, stays here.

The next night, Tuesday,  I found a place to stay I thought would be until the end of the month. Wrong, I woke to a domestic dispute across the hall and a houseful of people parting and it was only 7am. I quickly packed up and headed for a Denny’s to sit, have coffee and plan my next move. As I was leaving another domestic dispute broke out 2 doors down. Once at a Denny’s I went online to a local forum. Everyone was saying how HARD Vegas is at the same time talking about how much there is to do here. They were also discussing how tourist and vacationers haven’t a clue what Vegas is really like. I’m understanding what they mean as I sit and write this.

Maybe I don’t belong in Vegas other than to visit. I have an appointment a Veterans outreach center this afternoon. I’m here because it is a dry climate. If you’ve read my blog you know I came to the southwest for the dry climate as I have a toxic level of mold in my body from where I lived at in Ohio. I have to reconsider if I should keep Vegas on my list of possible cities to live in. On the plus side there are Veterans services and plenty of work to help supplement my SSI income.

I had proposal to enter into a fake marriage so a Filipino women so she could get her green card. It had to be no drama, no physical relations and we wouldn’t live together. I was offered $1500 cash immediately and another $13,500 to supplemented my income while here in Vegas. I passed. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Vegas is hard, lol

Last night I stayed in my SUV again at a truck stop north of town. I’ve found ways to be comfortable even when sleeping in the front set, lol. Maybe I need to find a secluded place on BLM land outside of Vegas for the balance of the month. It was my original plans but it gets cold at night still.

Until next time, be safe.


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Day 17-20 – Quartzsite AZ, Rocks, gems, Hi Jolly

Hi Jolly monument in in Quartzsite AZHi Jolly monument in in Quartzsite AZ

Today is Monday January 21. I haven’t posted the past 4 days while I was in Quartzsite AZ, There was so many people in the area the cell phone towers were overwhelmed. I fought reception on phone and WI-FI. I tried a dozen places and had the same results every where I went. I had the best cell phone reception at the flea market I set up on Fri-Sun. But it wasn’t strong enough for me to tether my phone to my laptop. I discovered as soon after I arrived I was in Quartzsite AZ the busiest weekend of the year.

My first stop was at a show that most the vendors were setup. There I learn that 3 major shows were opening or opened there in Quartzsite AZ. Most of them highlighted Rocks and Gems. Quartzsite AZ is known for being a central location for rock and gem collecting. There are even groups that will take you out on excisions for as little as $2 a day. Had I stayed longer I would have gone out on one. The 3 major shows ran from 5 days to 14. at rates of $50-100 a day. I wasn’t prepared for that. One of the vendors I spoke with that was here from Washington State west of Seattle told me about a drop in market that may have a few spaces available at a reasonable rate.

I went to that market and was told the manager wouldn’t be back until the next morning at 7am. I left and visited the biggest tourist attraction in town when the shows weren’t there. Quartzsite AZ is the resting place of Hi Jolly. The photo attached to this post is the monument erected to honor him.  Read the information on Wikipedia.

My next stop was one of several Long Term Recreational Areas(LTRA) I visited. These are run by the U.S.Parks service. With the government shutdown there was no charge to enter. I found they were in need of cleaning up. The dumpsters were over flowing and the lines to dump and fill potable water were long. Those who come here this time of the year are use to the lines. Most are self contained campers and quite a distance from the restrooms, dumpsters and dump and water.

After taking a long drive through a couple of the LTRA’s in the area I found a spot I liked and parked for the night. I woke early in the morning, packed up camp and headed to town to check out the market where there may be space available. I was there at 7am sharp Friday morning and the manager didn’t show up until almost 8. He had a spot for me in a corner of an entrance across from the local post office. The temperatures for the weekend were a pleasant hi 60’s and low 70’s for highs. This market also allowed overnight. Total cost without electric was just $10 a day. Much better than I expected but it wasn’t near the 3 major shows in town. I did well enough to pay for a new canopy to give my product and I shade. I can also use for a nice tent once I get side walls for it. I left town last night with $22 more then I arrived and had a an experience I’ll never forget. If I return to Quartzsite AZ in the future I now know I what to expect.

Until next time, be safe


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Day 16 – Flying J Travel Centers – Denny’s

Flying J Ariel View
Arial view of Flying J W Latham St Phoenix AZ

Today is January 17th. This is the second day in a row I’ve woke up having spent the night in the parking lot of a Flying J Travel Center with a Denny’s. When I was a professional truck driver I planned my routes so I could stay at a Flying J Travel Center with a Denny’s. When on a haul from Columbus Ohio to Phoenix I could make them my stop 3 nights in a row. They were spaced out in such a way I could get near maximum miles on the log books and still be legal. There is usually plenty of parking for trucks, RV’s and cars.

Yesterday I stay at a Flying J Travel Centers with a Denny’s at the New Mexico – Arizona line on I-10.  Like this morning I went inside the truck stop men’s room freshen up and then found a seat near power outlet so I could charge and blog at the same time. This morning I seated myself. The waitress mentioned the counter but I sat at a table near a power outlet. She was done with her shift. Very soon afterwards I was greeted by my Waiter.

Ruben brought a menu and politely said, “This section isn’t open yet but I’ll let you sit here anyway.” Wait staff like Ruben is the reason I use the restaurant at Flying J Travel Centers with Denny’s. With well over 100 visits over the years at a Flying J Travel Centers with a Denny’s I’ve never experienced a rude wait staff. This is a reflection of management from top to bottom. Insuring the employees treat all guest with utmost respect. I can tell you with out a doubt I have looked rough many times after a long day be hind the wheel.

That’s all for now. Until next time, be safe!