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Day 21-23 – Vegas – is it true?

Las Vegas welcome sign
Las Vegas welcome sign

What what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? My opinion is it isn’t true. Stories of vacationers visits to Vegas are told all the time. I arrived in Vegas on Monday afternoon January 21, 2019. I had a nice drive coming up from Quartzsite AZ having set up at a market there this past weekend. Most of it was during daylight. One would think being dessert it is flat. Far from it.

I’ve had a very interesting few days. I had made plans to stay with a friend the last week of this month. He told me he had a extra room I could crash in until I found other living arrangements. My income is very limited at the moment. I had hoped that setting up at flea markets as I came across country would help with the cost. Vegas was suppose to be the end destination if I didn’t stay on BLM land south of Quartzsite AZ for a few weeks. When I got her to Vegas I called my friend to discover he had rented the room out because he needed some cash right away. It definitely delivered a major blow to my plans.

The first night I stayed at Pilot truck stop. Because of the high rate of homelessness and transients here in Vegas the truck stop has a 4 hour maximum for parking even if you spend money there. Luckily when security came to check to see how long I had been there I still had 2 hours. I closed my eyes and woke 6 hours later feeling well rested. So much for policies in Vegas. What happens here, stays here.

The next night, Tuesday,  I found a place to stay I thought would be until the end of the month. Wrong, I woke to a domestic dispute across the hall and a houseful of people parting and it was only 7am. I quickly packed up and headed for a Denny’s to sit, have coffee and plan my next move. As I was leaving another domestic dispute broke out 2 doors down. Once at a Denny’s I went online to a local forum. Everyone was saying how HARD Vegas is at the same time talking about how much there is to do here. They were also discussing how tourist and vacationers haven’t a clue what Vegas is really like. I’m understanding what they mean as I sit and write this.

Maybe I don’t belong in Vegas other than to visit. I have an appointment a Veterans outreach center this afternoon. I’m here because it is a dry climate. If you’ve read my blog you know I came to the southwest for the dry climate as I have a toxic level of mold in my body from where I lived at in Ohio. I have to reconsider if I should keep Vegas on my list of possible cities to live in. On the plus side there are Veterans services and plenty of work to help supplement my SSI income.

I had proposal to enter into a fake marriage so a Filipino women so she could get her green card. It had to be no drama, no physical relations and we wouldn’t live together. I was offered $1500 cash immediately and another $13,500 to supplemented my income while here in Vegas. I passed. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Vegas is hard, lol

Last night I stayed in my SUV again at a truck stop north of town. I’ve found ways to be comfortable even when sleeping in the front set, lol. Maybe I need to find a secluded place on BLM land outside of Vegas for the balance of the month. It was my original plans but it gets cold at night still.

Until next time, be safe.


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Day 15 -Friendships are awesome -Changes

Friendship Quote
Source: Good Housekeeping

Today is the 16th. We’re half way through the month of January. The most important think I learned so far this trip is friendships are awesome. Social media has made it possible to rekindle and maintain Friendships that we would otherwise wouldn’t have.

There are many others I have called friends over the years. Many of those friendships are in need on being rekindled. Several of those are friends don’t like to talk on the phone or write letters. I had the opportunity before I left Ohio to visit a few of those friends. I regret not doing so. A few others are along the I-70 interstate corridor. I choose to drop south and cross on the country on I-30/I-20 and  I-10 with a detour up to Lubbock TX. Much warmer in January then along I-70.

I’m going to try to make the return trip to Ohio across I-70. There are several friendships that need rekindled and talking on the phone isn’t the best method.

I’ll be making some changes here on Dapadoo over the next few weeks. I should have more down time then I have had the first half of this month. I’ve always wanted to try writing a blog. Doing it is much harder then it sounds. Each day I remember to add or do some of the behind the scene things like SEO. I still have to set up a reviews page.  I want to write on the first two flea markets I’ve set up at.

I hope to be adding some reading material staring yet this week. I have a large library of guides, eBooks and articles I  purchased full rights to publish starting 2004 as an investment for use at a later date. I didn’t think it would be this late. I’ve said to others many times I have a Gold mine sitting on my hard drive. SI should say hard drives as I have all of it backed up several times. The other day I spent 7-8 hours transferring files around to make it easier for me to work while on the road.

I’m getting ready to go visit another friend this morning. I’m 31 miles away from my destination. I’ve been told I have a Keto meal awaiting me. Friendships are Awesome!

Until later, be safe!


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Days 11-14 The Market-Last night in Lubbock TX

My space at market in Lubbock TX
My space at market in Lubbock TX

Today is January 15th. For those of you following me I didn’t post the past 4 days while still here in Lubbock TX. I spent Friday preparing for the Market and checking out Lubbock TX. On Saturday and Sunday I was set up as a Vendor at the National Flea Market Lubbock TX.

The picture above is the space I was set up at inside the Market here in Lubbock TX. I will be writing a review of each of the Markets I’ve set up at and will be in the future.

This week with friends has been needed for some time. We have talked about me coming and staying for a week or so for the past 2 years. It finally happen. Even though my friend wasn’t here and it was his wife, son and niece we still spoke on the phone several times a day and face timed.

Yesterday, Monday the 14th I was going to write a review of the National Flea Market Lubbock TX but I stayed extremely busy. I spent the day repacking my Trailblazer, moving files from my backup storage for my main computer stored in the trailblazer to my laptop, laundry and a birthday celebration for my host family niece who turned 18.

She will be returning to Brazil to start college next month. She has aspirations to be an Attorney. Technically her birthday is today the 15th. But at 8pm here in Lubbock TX it was midnight in here home country of Brazil. So we had a impromptu party for her consisting of a cheese, meat and cracker plate, spinach dip, a birthday cake and a bottle of Vermouth.

I will be leaving Lubbock TX within the next hour or so. I have lunch planned with a friend in Midland TX. I hope he doesn’t mind it being a late lunch.

Until later, be safe!



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Days 8-9 Weather – Friends – Pictionary

Photo of the game Pictionary
Played this for the first time last night

Today is January 1oth. The last two days has been spent with my friends here in Lubbock TX and I’ve been keeping a close eye on the weather.

The flea market I’d like to setup at this weekend has both indoor and outdoor spaces. This past weekend when it was a bit chilly and windy I didn’t do well. When it warmed up I did good. I sell a lot of rings and when it’s cool trying them on a cold finger is hard on the customer. This weekend it is suppose to be in the low 50’s with a light breeze here in Lubbock.

I’ll be going to the market and checking it out today. I have to see what kind of space I can get. I will then make a decision if I’m going to set up at all this weekend then. The cooler temperatures may keep the foot traffic away. I can’t justify paying for space rental if there will be a low turn out. One never knows. I may try Saturday and wait to decide on Sunday.

I had considered leaving for Phoenix and setting up at a market there this coming weekend because it is suppose to be in the high 60’s and dry. My friends may need help here Friday morning. I feel I can’t leave them early to go to Phoenix. I offered to be here just in case. Friendship is more important then making a few extra dollars.

Last night we played the game Pictionary. None of us had played it before. I read the instructions in English into a app and it repeated it in Portuguese, their native language. We had  a very fun time working through the communications and trying to guess what the others were drawing. Luckily the mother/aunt of the two children knows some basic English and translation so the app wasn’t need as much once we started.

The youngest of the two children has moved here to the states to be close his Mom. The niece is returning to Brazil next month to complete summer vacation before beginning college.

Good friends are hard to find these days. I have been very lucky in meeting this couple and maintaining our friendship over the phone, Internet and occasional visits when I drove semi and he was still over the road and came through Ohio.

Time to get ready to go check out the National Market here in Lubbock.

Until next time, be safe.