Getting Started

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It’s been a long process but Dapadoo Communities is beginning to set up websites, blogs, groups, forums and more. We’ll open the site up for viewing soon.

Not long after that we’ll open the site up for testing by others to build free website, free blogs with the ability to connect through and back to Facebook. There will be many different responsive themes to use for the website and blogs.

Video tutorials for almost everything you need to build your site and use plugins. We go the extra mile to make sure you can get up and running and connect your new site or blog to Social Networks. We will be adding SSL so all site will be protected using https

Al this can be done with most devices you can browse the Internet with. Apps are available to make it easy to make new post while on the go.

Also available we be many different tools and add-on’s for those individuals that want to have more then a standard site. Just a few options available.

  • Add Groups
  • Add Forums
  • Add Your Facebook Photos and Albums
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Events Board
  • Google Hangout from you site
  • Google Map
  • Google Analytic’s
  • Membership Site
  • Membership Site with Affiliate Platform
  • Scheduled Content
  • Wiki
  • You Tube Featured video
  • and much MORE

We will be adding SSL so all site will be protected using https before opening for others to join us.